Homemade Automatic Domain Tester with PhantomJS Part 2

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If you have stumbled across this post and haven’t read part one, check it out. Also, the code can be found here.

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Homemade Automatic Domain Tester with PhantomJS Part 1

Reason Why

I had an idea to write a program that automatically checked a list of websites to make sure they were still running. The idea is that I could later modify this program to contact me if a site was down.

Tools within My Reach

  • Raspberry Pi
  • JavaScript
  • PhantomJS
  • A list of websites to test
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Checking your Memory (RAM) Availability from the Command Line.


A great way to check the status of your system’s memory is with the ‘free’ command. This command will show you a snapshot of memory (RAM) availability.

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Fixing 'Remote Host Identification has Changed' Issue when SSHing

The Issue

Usually the issue here is that your local machine doesn’t trust the SSH connection you are attempting because the host identification no longer matches your local records.

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Checking the Temperature of your Raspberry Pi Processor

Reasons Why

Perhaps due to environmental conditions or CPU usage, you might want to know how hot your processor is running. Maybe you are just curious what temperature your processor is running at in general. There is a way to find out from the command line!

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Accessing a Windows Share Folder with a Raspberry Pi

  • 8/25/2016 - Updated fstab section down below *

Reasons why?

Okay, I’ll admit it. I have other computers I use that aren’t Raspberry Pis. Hell, they’re on completely different operating systems. A recent problem I had was sharing files between the two. How would it be possible to look at a Windows network share folder from a Raspberry Pi?

First we create the share folder on Windows!

I’m running Windows 8.1 and creating a network share folder is pretty straight forward. If you already have a share folder on your Windows computer you can skip ahead to the next line item. At a glance the steps are as follows:

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Using the 'find' Command in Raspbian

Reasons Why

If you can’t recall where a certain file is located. If you need to see if a particular file is present on your system.

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