Forward Google Fiber to your Raspberry PI

Let’s Set Fiber Up

First you need to head over to Google Fiber After you login, head over to the Network tab on the left.

Once you’re in the Network tab

You should have a screen similar to this: Google Fiber Device Configuration

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Download Webpage Files from the Command Line

Use the wget command to download any file if you have the URL.

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To Assert or to Verify

So you’re needing to write some automated tests for your website or web app. You’ve decided to start out with Selenium. When you start writing test cases, you become confused about whether to use the assert command or the verify command. From a glance you may not understand the difference between assert and verify. So here is the difference..

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Walkbot and Other Useful IFTTT Recipes

I call it Walkbot. The imaginary robot that sends me texts about the weather so I know if I can walk to work.

There's that bot, ole walkbot

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How to Set Up Dynamic DNS from a Raspberry Pi

Why I needed this solution

Accessing my home network has always been a nice to have. I’ve always used services such as, and the list goes on. No real solution ever stuck very long as most of the free services turn out to not be free over time. So why not update my domain directly from my network? The end-all solution!

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How to Set Up An nginx Server on a Raspberry Pi

First Off.

This tutorial is an update to an earlier article on how to install the latest nginx server on a Raspberry Piv3.

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Make Your Own Laptop Stand

Let’s Make a Laptop Stand

laptop opened sitting on homemade cardboard

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