Forward Google Fiber to your Raspberry PI

Let’s Set Fiber Up

First you need to head over to Google Fiber After you login, head over to the Network tab on the left.

Once you’re in the Network tab

You should have a screen similar to this: Google Fiber Device Configuration

You want to be sure that Reserve IP is the Raspberry PI IPv4 address that it was given. Also, Make sure DMZ is on as this will direct all traffic hitting your external IP address towards this device. Which is exactly what we want!

Make sure that you have done the port forwarding that I have placed in that image.

Port 80 - 81

Port 80 is the default Web server port on most computers. Port 81 acts as an alternate Web server port when Port 80 is unavailable.

Port 21

Port 21 is your File Transfer Protocol (FTP) port. This listens for and initiates file transfer operations.

Port 22

Port 22 is SSH (Secure Shell). Used by programs like PuTTY.

Done, That’s it!

If you need help with setting up a Dynamic DNS check out Shane’s awesome post here.