Walkbot and Other Useful IFTTT Recipes

I call it Walkbot. The imaginary robot that sends me texts about the weather so I know if I can walk to work.

There's that bot, ole walkbot

When it’s too cold or too hot or going to rain, Walkbot sends me a text.

I set up 3 ‘recipes’ on IFTTT for the 3 weather conditions I need to know about before heading out the door to work.

  1. Is it above 92 degrees Fahrenheit?
  2. Is it below 50 degrees Fahrenheit?
  3. Is there forecast for rain?

If any of these recipes return true, then I get a text message to my phone. Also, all of the texts come from the same phone number. So I saved the contact as Walkbot. My weather bot buddy!

The texts usually come at 7am in the morning and in a human readable format.

Walkbot in my contacts Walkbot's messages

Other Automation Ideas

Deck out your closet with a RGB Wifi Bulb that changes the color based on the temperature outside. When it’s cold outside it’s ice blue, when it’s hot outside it’s fire engine red. Also the light turns on when your morning alarm goes off. The idea here is that the color helps you determine if what clothes you should reach for.

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