Accessing your Raspberry Pi from another Computer

Reasons Why

Sometimes you want to control your Pi from your regular computer. Maybe you want to start a program on the Pi without being infront of the Pi.

Find your Pi’s IP Address

While infront of your pi, type the following command:


The command line will spit out some information. We are looking for the following line:

inet addr:192.168.#.###

Some parts of this number will be unique to your current setup.

Write down this number. You’ll need it in a second. ;)

Fire up your desktop or laptop.

Mac OSX Users

Open up the terminal, it should be located in Applications > Utilities.

Windows Users

I recommend a program called PuTTY for a linux like command line in Windows.

Linux Users

Make your way to the terminal or command line.

Mobile Users

Here are a couple of suggestions: JuiceSSH (android), Serverauditor (iOS)

Almost there!

Now enter the following command:

ssh [email protected]#.###

Plug in your username and IP address respectively. Next, you should be asked for your password. After that, you should see the Pi command line show up.

Boom! You did it!

Now you can use your Pi from any computer on your network.