htop - Task Manager for Linux (including Raspbian!)

A Useful Tool

Whether I’m on a headless ubuntu server or messing around on my Raspberry Pi, htop proves to be a useful tool. Htop is task manager or ‘process viewer’ as the founder, Hisham Muhammad and the project contributors refer to the program. Hisham’s other projects can be found here

Screenshot of htop

Quick Install

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get install htop

Just like that, htop is installed.


Fire up htop with this simple command…



Once the program is up and running you’ll see a large list of processes. In the top left corner of the screen you’ll see your gauges. The gauges show you the system’s CPU, memory and memory swap usages. Across the bottom of the screen you see several menu items.

Useful Menu Items

##Raspberry Pi Users Good news, htop works on raspbian, so be sure to add it to you toolbox!